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It was 2020, and the world was shut down because of the pandemic.   The pandemic had a significant impact on live events, including concerts. Many concerts and gatherings were canceled or postponed.  One of the 1st artists to bring back live performances was Kip Moore and the Slowhearts!  In my excitement and getting ready for the upcoming concert, I was listening to his music and was inspired to create a one-of-a-kind painting on the back of my jacket to commemorate his concert.  His number one single, Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck was my 1st inspiration. 

One of the event coordinators saw my jacket from the crowd and was so impressed with it, she took it to Kip Moore, where he signed it!


Since then, Kip and each member has their own custom jacket!

My name is Linda, I am Jean Jacket Girl. Jean Jacket Girl is a talented artist and teacher known for her hand-painted custom jean jackets. With a passion for art and fashion, she has carved a niche for herself by transforming ordinary denim jackets into unique, wearable works of art. Her artistic flair shines through her intricate designs and attention to detail, as she meticulously hand-paints each jacket with vibrant colors and captivating patterns. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Jean Jacket Girl is an avid animal lover. She finds inspiration in the natural world and often incorporates animals and wildlife into her artwork. Her love for animals extends beyond her creative pursuits, as she actively supports animal welfare organizations and advocates for their well-being. In addition to her artistic pursuits and love for animals, Jean Jacket Girl is a devoted fan of country music. The soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonate with her, and she often listens to country tunes while working on her artwork. The combination of her love for art, animals, and country music creates a unique blend of inspiration that is reflected in her custom jean jacket designs. With her hand-painted jean jackets, love for animals, passion for art, devotion to country music, and dedication to teaching, Jean Jacket Girl continues to make a positive impact in the art world and inspire others with her vibrant and personalized creations. Overall, her journey from discovering country music to being inspired by Kip Moore's music and expressing your passion through painting jean jackets demonstrates the power of music and creativity. It's wonderful to find sources of inspiration that ignite your enthusiasm and allow you to express yourself in unique and meaningful ways.

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